Miracle of the Wine

New & Selected Poems
Grayson Books Fall • 2012

Praise for Miracle of the Wine

These are patient poems, infused with a present, sustained sensibility, a voice of witness. In the natural world where many poems begin, or slipping quietly into a painting (as in the six ekphrastic poems beautifully realized here), Palka finds surprise in the quotidian—a son's geometry lesson, an accidental fire—and significance in the rhythms of family and work. Through a lens of mature faith, these poems open outward, charged and thoughtful, engaged with the world.

   — Juditha Dowd, poet, essayist, fiction writer
Front Cover of Kathe's newest book Miracle of the Wine
Her Irises

Heirlooms planted more than forty years ago to celebrate this home— I still tend them. For their brief season, beige and burgundy blossoms fill my largest vases. After a storm dozens lie ravished on the lawn. Harvesting the fallen to liven my bouquets, I trade bare stalks for full, clip spent flowers. New blooms cleave to their withered sisters, as the living cling to the dead, and I must gentle them away under the mute scrutiny of fresh yellow tongues.

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